Pandemic Notes 7.5 On Dealing with…

( I really don’t know what to call them!)

Oh, lordy, look what tumbled out of my inbox Monday morning. I have taken a few days to reply because I am not a brainiac blogger who turns out four or five screeds a week. I choose my topics and develop my pieces in a leisurely way.

I also do not make a practice of leaving comments to other blogger’s posts. Sometimes I do short ones to opportunistically draw some attention to my own blog. It usually has some modest effects on my own readership.

This is one of the problems with internet discussion; the big draws are mostly maniacs. Yet they grab attention and build followings because the followers have really short attention spans and tend to be true believers, immune to any alternatives. Quiet reason does not get much traction. Most normal people are put off by the whole thing, anyway.

Sometimes I will drop a couple of paragraphs of comment just to gauge the reaction. I often get some whopping ones. What I never to is get into lengthy debates with fanatics, ideological warriors, and propagandists; life is too short, I will not convince them of anything, so why bother?

What I can sometimes do is point out to a few people who might be getting taken in by some electronic demagogue, where he or she is really coming from, motivating them to look more critically at the issue, seek out more complete information, analyze, and get to, not a “balanced view” of it, but the truth. Like with this piece.

The long arc of my own blogging efforts is to make the point that what is wrong with the internet is a part of the problem of living in a society with no effective government. That is, of course, also why we have no effective response to the pandemic. However,I will not get deep into that here.

What I am talking about here is Matthew Ehret’s project of being a blow hole for the propaganda drive of the industrial capitalist faction of the ruling class. I responded to his article found here;

I took issue in his comments box with a single paragraph.

“Why are so many of our fellow citizens so willing to give up their rights and freedoms to protect themselves from invisible threats like viruses with a 99.9% survival rate or changing climate which used to be called “the weather” having little to do with human activity?”

I might have made clearer that I have no problem with the second point; that “climate change” is a load of hooey. It is indeed thought up by the financialist/globalist faction to further it’s agenda. However, false generalizations are made by obsessive minds. The pandemic is real and its denial is coming from the industrialist/nationalist side.

The motive for these people’s nonsense is contempt for human life and fear of losing more of the control they think they still have and are entitled to. They cannot stand the idea that legitimate authority may be able to command proper pandemic responses, involving a short but serious lockdown of the economy followed by protections against reintroduction of the infection.

So what they have done is to try to disrupt correct public health measures. This has lead in Canada to an endless cycle of “force it open” followed by a panicked “lock it down again” to stave off disaster. This has done far more damage to the economy and even to the interests of the capitalist screwheads calling for it, than if governments were left to just do quarantine right, as in the example of Australia and New Zealand.

I think all this was sufficiently refuted by my comments box entry below. I have no interest in refuting the wrong parts of what Ehret says point by point; the same garbage has been refuted over and over by well qualified people. I hope to get some people who might otherwise be taken in by Ehret’s sophistry to be more skeptical.

So I replied thusly to the above cited eruption and would have left it at that.

The reason to read Ehrets stuff is that he has good information on the history of the financialist faction of the ruling class, which is hard to find elsewhere. However, you have to keep in mind that he is running propaganda for the other side of the oligarchy, the industrialist, nationalist "open system" creeps, just as dangerous and degrading to normal people. What is offensive here is his recitation of the propaganda lie against normal pandemic measures.

As in, oh, the mortality rate for covid is only 1% Actually, in Canada it is around 2.5 % officially and that is a pretty dire rate. It could add up to over half a million deaths if the infection really got out of control. That is not counting the "long haulers", the roughly 10% who develop permanent symptoms which permanently reduce their performance for likely the rest of their lives.

This nonsense is well and concisely refuted here;

I am about to do a write up of chapter 8 of my covid notes, earlier ones found,

I will be expanding on my earlier theme of the pandemic being made worse by the fight between factions of the ruling class, with some trying to use Covid to their advantage, and others with the idea that denying the seriousness the problem is to their advantage, both disdainful of the harm they are causing.

So this brings me up to last Monday when I was surprised at the volume of drivel responding to my comments. It was not just from Ehret but some of his followers. Eek!

It is much too much to respond to point by point but I will reproduce it at the bottom if you really want to read it. Or you can just take my word as I very quickly discuss it.

From Ehret, I got the standard huff/puff about assuming I am in “good will”. This is posturing to try to show is really a reasonable person. I have no good will toward people who obstruct quarantine measures, as I will explain below. He has a sly way of calling me a “creature.”

He has the idea that I should reject everything coming out of “mainstream media” out of hand. I do not reject out of hand everything that comes out of his brain. I use my brain to examine what I hear, using the model of reality I have built up through years of this process, and decide what should be accepted. CTV has generally been pretty good on the pandemic.

What he goes into is the standard barrage of propaganda points against public health measures which have all been sufficiently refuted not once but thousands of times. Again, I have no interest going point by point over proven falsehoods, with a fanatic who will ignore refutation and just keep repeating endlessly.

By the way, this is consistent with his historical narratives, in which he exaggerates or cherry picks facts to fit said narratives. Yes, he is a good scholar in a limited sense but not a reliable authority. His historicity is starting to become repetitive to me.

Below is Toady #1, mister “upside down”. Nothing more needs to be said.

Then we have Toady #2, who pronounces that my blog at is “riddled with fear.”

I doubt if he actually read it except cursorily. His comment is mere neurotic transposition. Enough said about it.

Toady #3 is again, transposition. He also thinks Ehret is a “deep scholar”. I have said enough about that, too.

As for the last Toady, I am left slightly curious about what SMH is supposed to mean. Probably some sort of “dog whistle.”

I would have just left it at that but since he sent me this big blast back, I see clear to respond a bit further without looking too much like I am getting into ideological war and personal attack. It is impossible to totally avoid these, at least peripherally. But this will be the end of it.

So I can hold Ehret and friends up as an example of what is wrong with the internet. Also, what is wrong with the idea of unrestricted freedom of speech. But my main theme is still that the pandemic is made a serious problem in most western countries by the lack of effective government.

What we have are factions of oligarchy fighting for control and building up networks of fanatic propagandists, street goons, and assorted other assholes. There is no solution until people with intelligence and character grab the steering wheel and bring us to a safe place. Then we can begin censorship on a logical basis, building a realistic understanding of reality.

Until then, sensible people can still communicate with each other over the bad noise. There are good people speaking to us about the truth of the pandemic; the kind of people who should really be in charge of the fight against it.

These are mostly people who are directly involved in fighting covid, often at risk to themselves. They are medical specialists working inside the ICUs, dealing every day with the reality of the pandemic, government incompetence, and the harm done by “covid is a hoax” type cretins.

They are qualified public health administrators and scholars of pandemic measures; the real “deep scholars.” They are fighting daily in the “corridors of power” against corporate lobbyists who bully and misinform weak minded, ignorant, and unsuitable public officials, often in the face of threats and harassment.

In my “fear filled” blog, I gave twitter accounts of some who are especially worth following. Here they are again. They are true heroes. They would put all the Ehrets of the world to shame, except they haven’t got the self awareness to feel shame.

It is galling that we have to endure the toxic drivel of people who counsel resistance and obstruction to quarantine measures while also enduring the mess they helped to create. The real solution is to lock them up for the duration under emergency measures legislation.

From Ehret;

I will assume that you are a creature of goodwill, and so I will respond with goodwill in turn despite your crude accusation that I am "running propaganda for the oligarchy". Considering you are citing as your authority the MSM CTV News which is prolifically a lying hub of globalist narratives and spin. The fact is (as I have written extensively), the statistics you are being fed by MSM come entirely from Gates/WHO approved sources at Oxford's Our World In Data which also produces the data sets used for global warming models by the IPCC. COVID death stats being considered by the authors of MSM CTV news reporting includes anyone who dies with but not OF covid-19, and also if people die in residencies where someone HAD covid-19 though not necessarily the person who died (say of a heart attack). Also reports have shown intubations have caused 9 out of 10 patients to have died un-necessarily because WHO "best practice guidelines" have mandated that all hospitals dealing with a covid patient must treat their respiratory distress as though it were any other flu- but intubations only increase pressure on the lungs whose alveoli don't work (as in the case of the majority of covid cases as outlined by Moses maimonides Clinic frontline doctor Kyle Sydell who identified the symptoms as more akin to high altitude sickness. Also, the coordinated stuffing of covid patients into high risk petrie dish long term care facilities in NY, Quebec, Ontario and across Europe increased death rates predictably almost by intent. All that to say, don't be a MSM sucking fool. The statistics and data sets are full of holes (also, seasonal flu stats have nearly dissappeared this year since everything is being registered COVID, and COVID test kits have been caught producing false negatives across the board.)

From Toady #1

Excellent reply. The danger of propaganda is that it denies truth. Truth is the matching of a perception in reality with a perception in the mind. Those who watch MSM at present need a micron sieve to filter out the hidden persuaders who never trained for Truth. Every human is required to 'build' an organ of thought. Inheritance is just a seed of potential. Our current crop of public thinkers rarely have built upon the rock, and anyone who quotes the WHO as truth has never had a hard look at the people there and their history of lies & crime. We few are under massive assault by those who have built upon the sand.

From Toady #2

This blog article is riddled with fear.

From Toady #3

This reply is not a serious challenge to the deep research and thought of Matthew Ehret's round table discussion video. Why quote anything from MSM? How long will it take to see the lies? How many must die while the false narrative continues to be trotted out and the Gates and ilk oligarchs march rampant across a battlefield of deceit and a largely ignorant public?

From Toady #Last

"normal pandemic measures" SMH